Sunday, March 28, 2010

sept 07 when i hated public school

If I could, I would start my own school system. For some strange reason, today's school system believes that no recess is a good idea, and that 15 min of TDPE(teacher directed PE) is all a squirmy, wormy, fun loving child needs n a 7 hr day to keep themselves under control.

No wonder today's society is full of ADD/ADHD, Obese, Bi-Polar, and depressed couch potatoes!

Not only does the school pretend to care, they look down on you when you actually DO care! If you voice your opinions differently then what they'd expect of you, you are suddenly the trouble maker, or uncaring, unconcerned parent.

School administrators today believe that all children should do is listen, follow directions, stay with the group, sitting in desks for 7 hrs a day, with only a 15min break in the day. They wonder why children can't sit still. Why they want to roll on the classroom floor with bean bags over themselves, go to sleep during story time, and why it is that the nation is suddenly over flowing with kids addicted to TV, ho-ho's, and  video games. Instead of the children that I remember being! Staying outside to play until it was too dark to see, or your mom called you in because it was getting dark.

When parents had to set rules of when it was time to come in, now we do all we can to get them to go outside!

Yet in many states recess is gone, TDPE for 15 min a day seems acceptable, and medicating the crud out of every child that can't sit still for 7hrs aday is the norm. I wish that I could change the world for my kids' sake.

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