Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why I know there is a God.

So I recently heard the phrase, "if there was a God we'd have (money or insert what ever you want here)".  I was heart broken to hear it, and then realized that I needed to make sure that I had taught my kids different. I want them to know that life isn't about having things, having money, or getting everything and anything we want. If you always had everything handed to you, you would NEVER know when to express gratitude. If you never feel sorrow, how could you know you were experiencing joy? If you never suffered pain, how could you identify pleasure?

I have always tried to be that middle. I have always wanted my kids to be happy and to give them the things they want, but not everything they want without any work. I have mostly succeeded I think, I know I have given in a few times when I shouldn't have. I know there were times when working mommy syndrome kicked in.

I know for sure they are gaining life altering experience right now. With Daddy as a full time student, we are learning that instant gratification is NOT happening. We came to Idaho with nearly nothing. We left tons of things in Georgia, we've had to learn to give up tons.

I have noticed that my children are smiling more. They enjoy life, and being outside. We may not have oodles of money, but they for SURE are experiencing joy that has been suppressed for quite some time because of where we lived.

We have been blessed with a home, food in our tummies, people who love and care for us, and each other. I know there is a God because he has given me these things and the experiences and opportunities to recognize them.

 I'll gladly give up stuff so that I can see my children's smiling faces.

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