Tuesday, January 15, 2013

There is more yet to come..

First off, RELAX and don't get too excited...There is indeed more yet to come for us and our Humlettes.

 Rest easy it's not happening any time soon. I have had this argument with myself, my mother about having more kids. I ultimately would like at least one more. My Mom flipped her lid because in her mind I can't have any more kids because I have MS. I have had to remind her that I have had MS my whole life, I was only just diagnosed with it.

When I went to my follow up with my neurologist this past week we discussed this issue. Not because I am chomping at the bit to have more kids right now, but because he was considering changing my medicines. I get large welts after every injection. The welts last for two to three days and I get a bout a two to three day reprieve before I have to start all over.
This was about 20 minutes after the injection, it's the size of an egg. By the next day it will expand to the size of a baseball about and be sore, then turn a purplish color.

So Dr. Pitts asked if we planned on having more kids. First I was kinda shocked that he asked (because I felt like MS had taken that too), but I put out a non-committal answer of "Well we'd like to have more but we don't know where that will go."  He was asking because while the oral med doesn't have the skin reaction side effects, it is contra indicative to women of childbearing years if they plan on having more children. Copaxone is considered a category B drug, one that isn't tested on pregnant women but in lab tests for animals it doesn't effect their young. The pregnancy registry turned up no adverse effects. He said it's possible and certainly ok if we want more kids it just takes some planning. Stopping meds etc. Since I do not get pregnant easily, he wants me to keep taking it until I find out I am pregnant and then stop until I have consulted with a maternal fetal specialist.

Now I have the ok to have a baby, I do not feel my family is complete, but I also do not feel like right this second is the time to try to have another baby. We have plans that we hope to know about shortly and then we can talk about our family.

 The biggest thing for me is that the one thing that really means the world to me are my children and being a mother. I felt like MS has taken so much from me, that having more kids was going to be one more thing gone. Now I know..

There is more yet to come!


I was given so many blessings this year, I felt the need to write them all down.

We have a home, Brian has a job, I have healthy children. I could go on about all the "normal" things one is grateful for but that would be boring. I want to share my gratitude a little deeper.

To start, I am grateful for my family, not just my children and my husband. I am grateful for my WHOLE family. Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles , Grandparents...EVERY single one of them. Being the youngest of 8 really has been an adventure. We have had trials, triumphs, failures, arguments, disagreements all the normal sibling stuff. I have prayed for each one of them every day. Some have needed more prayers then others at times. Each one of them holds a very special place in my heart.

I am thankful for our trials, not because I am some masochist or anything. I am grateful for them because it shows me that when I am at my deepest darkest hour, I have a Heavenly Father who cares enough, and loves me enough to send support. Without those trials I am not sure I would recognize these things as easily.

I am thankful for my friends, I don't have a lot of "real life" friends. I have a handful of friends whom I have never met in person, but I consider them some of the best friends I have. Whether they are the friends I have met in person or the ones I have met online, they are all sent to me to help me through these trials.

It has taken me just shy of two weeks to put these words down, I have done a lot of contemplating and planning and I really am feeling like I have a direction to point myself into. For these things