Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am sooo bad at posting, I'm trying to get better!

I am officially out of the 1st trimester. In these past 13ish weeks we have found loads of information.

Firstly I never thought we'd ever have a reason for my loosing 9 babies. Yes you read that right 9! That's one baby for every year of my marriage. It felt like torture and it felt like I was being punished for something I'd done in a past life. But alas I had my two beautiful babies and I adore them and thus I was happy. I was content that I would not carry another baby to term. I was content that we'd grow our family through adoption. And wouldn't you know out of the blue I had a dream we had a baby at Christmas so I took the test that night, fully expecting it to be negative just like the other 500 tests I've taken in the past five years. Low and behold after washing my face I thought I was seeing things at 11pm. There was a faintly faint second pink line. My adoring husbands response to my positive test was that the test must be expired. I firmly argued the test was fine, well before the expiration date next year, and as long as it wasn't opened there was nothing to worry about. His smart self responded but you opened it when you peed on it. Ugh I coulda shot him. So the very next day we purchased 5 more tests. 2 digital and 3 first response early result. I took one digital and one of the regular ones and sure enough both were positive. Then I started doing the math...I was just barely pregnant lol. just 4wks to be exact! Do you know how long the first trimester is when you find out that early? Any how, I was pregnant, I called to get an early HCG draw so we could make sure the numbers were going up. The stupid nurse told me not to worry about it as they don't do that unless there is bleeding or cramping. Um hello I have a history of early miscarriage and no real dx yet because I never found out soon enough to really be able to know anything! Oh well so I waited.

I finally made it to my first ob appointment where they were so kind to do an ultra sound, to my horror she said she couldn't find anything in my uterus. Well actually she couldn't even find my uterus. SO over to the higher tech ultra sound machine, where we saw the most beautiful little flicker of a heart on a little bean. I was measuring 6wks 5 days at what we knew to be my 7wk appointment so well within range. Then came the ontorage of blood tests. To this day we are at a total of 32 vials of blood. 16 that first day and the rest have been in little bursts. I had to do an early glucose tolerance test, and then they decided to try and find out why I miscarry so much. I've never gotton an answer before so I wasn't expecting one now.

One of the final two tests they took was a test for a specific gene defect. MTFHR, low and behold I have a defect. The result of the defect is not being able to process ameno acids and those higher ameno acids cause blood clots.
The fix- extra folic acid to help process the ameno acids. so hopfully I will be good from here on out.

We have a wiggly baby that is growing strong and is actually 5 days ahead. Life is indeed good