Sunday, September 19, 2010

Still going....=o)

So I am totally diggin the cloth diapering. Ansel's bottom looks so much better and they are deffinately NOT what I thought they were.

I used to baby sit twins and they had the yucky prefolds, pins and rubber pants. HATED it. But I am so into the all in ones and pockets and all in two's and all the new stuff for diapers now!

Brian is probly glad we don't have alot of money right now haha, I'd be buying diapers left and right!

Pics to come soon!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Cloth Diaper Journey

I have decided to take a little journey through the cloth diaper forest.
I have learned that there are lots of different trees in this forrest.
You can find really good protective trees that don't let sap run all over you, and then there are not so good ones that the sap just seems to oooze out.  I have also learned that when you wash these "trees" once fantastical trees and turn into stinky ooozing trees.

I have gotton alot of help along the way from friends, from websites and am hoping that the diaper fairy will leave me some money or some diapers LOL

Here is what I know.
I know that cloth diapering is so way different from the prefolds and diaper pins and rubber pants that I delt with when I baby sat twins years back...

I love all in ones, aka AIO, I like prefolds folded into thirds and put it in the cover, and I like pocket diapers too. They are half way between aio's and prefolds and covers. they have a nifty pocket that you put a liner into. lots of different choices and brands in all of these categories.

There are places that will give you great info on washing and care. There is even a place that will help those who want to cloth diaper but can't afford the start up! check out The Cloth Diaper Foundation

Lots of give aways and discounts. Right now even Cotton Babies is having a free diaper week! Seriously cool, hey a girl can hope she'll win right? I dig the Bum Genius diapers, they are an AIO and keep Ansel super dry! I also dig the econobum, it's very cost effective =o)

all in all this forrest isn't ask big dark and scary as i had originally viewed it. I am sold...Brian on the other hand...not so much..Yet at least