Sunday, March 28, 2010

may 08

One of the greatest words of inspiration from the great Walt Disney.  Though my kids are partial to "Mr. You are grounded til you die!" but any way...
That's the key to life, keep moving forward. No matter how easy it is to look back and say "dang, I could have done it better. faster, slower, with more heart etc."
Make life more then what you ever thought you wanted. I always had this nagging thought in the back of my head that maybe someday I'd want more...that I'd want a career, something else outside of being just a Mom. Now I say just a Mom, but we all know no one is JUST a Mom. But I also never thought I'd find complete fulfillment in those words...
James asked me what I was going to make of myself when I grew up, that I couldnt' be just a Mom. After some consideration on his part, he decided that it's ok for me to be just a Mom. He is such a bright little boy. He has wisdom far beyond his years. He teaches me more about life and loving every day.
I have been blessed with these two beautiful children, with lives and spirits that are just ready to burst from their tiny little bodies. They are truely my life's breath.
So though I feel sometimes I'm stuck in life, I just keep moving forward and trying not to look back. There is more I can do going forward then looking back. I can't change the pages that are already written but there is a whole book ahead that is waiting for the plot to unfold!

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