Sunday, March 28, 2010

now that all my randomness is in one place.....

i am now 29. i've got one ore year til the big 3-0. i am ok with that...really i am. i thought it was going to be this big huge deal where i'd have a melt down and well i just won't. I have my kids, my husband, and the rest of my family and life truly is good. Sure some things might be hard but...we'll survive. Hevenly Father will not let us down. He will not forsake us and for that I take comfort.

I know that for all I do I will be blessed. I have brilliant children, a beautiful daughter, lovinghusband and two fantastically handsome sons. I have a roof over my head and as much as I may hate it there a job that pays more then minimum wage!

Now I have aspirations and places to be things to do and all that jazz but for now I am OK with how life is going.

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