Monday, February 22, 2010

Work... puke...Cars and Vans

As I start work week 3 back since before I got sick...last week was full of fun vehicle fixing and doing and working..The van's engine completely was toast. We spun a barring. We found a fantastic mechanic to fix for a meer 1200 bucks yahoo!

The car was rear ended on 12/31 on our way to walmart to get some new years eve necessities. Where Ansel and I ended up spending two hours int he ER...

And now James has the flu and ear infection and mr little man has an upper respiratory infection...can we say enough is enough!

Someone has been sick since we brought Ansel home. The cars have had plenty of trouble, the car has been rear ended twice in less than a year...and here I am at work. I yearn to be at home with my kids and I'm stuck working a late shift and feeling like I'm being punished for being on leave...

Life needs to get better like now.

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