Saturday, January 09, 2010

My heart longs for one more...

As miserable as my pregnancy was, and how thrilled I was to actually finally have Ansel..I long for one more. Madilyne wants a sister =o)

I have some small recolection of the Dr coming in during recovery and telling me I shouldn't have any more. I am waiting for my appointment on tuesday in order to get a clear picture of what is going on inside...I know that there is another soul waiting to come to our family. I just don't know how this one will come.

Ansel was a surprise, we were preparing ourselves for adoption. We were hoping to start this year on that journey. Things certainly changed really quick and fast for us =o)

Now I'm enjoying every bit of Ansel, he's still in the cute snuggly baby phase, then we'll enjoy the cute baby on the move phase and all that jazz..I'm not rushing for him to grow up by any means. It's just the finality of the thought that the Dr said I shouldn't have any more.

So until tuesday I'll have to sit and wonder how the last one will make it's presence into our family..

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