Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why we giggle like school girls every time we hear Palm Sunday...

So the joke goes something like this:

there are all sorts of special holidays for special people.
we have mothers day for our mothers.
we have fathers day for our fathers.
we have grandparents day for our grandparents.
and for our single guys... we have palm sunday.

Because of that joke, I can't hear or see the phrase Palm Sunday without busting out with tear jerking laughter. I try to be grown up, I try to hold it in, but ultimately I just can't.
Especially when we see signs that read such silliness as this

Join us for Repentance every Sunday at 9am

Then a little further down the road you see

Palm Sunday 10am
God is watching over you.

or by far my favorite, I still laugh about his one

Come on Palm Sunday
This is God we are talking about, don't jerk him around.

So a few Sundays ago we were at church with our friends, When suddenly to our surprise the Mission President started talking about Palm Sunday...I turn my head to keep from laughing out loud, and look at Brian, who is even worse at controlling his laughter on the subject. He is nearly purple from holding his breath, frantically thumbing through the hymn book, pretending that he is looking for the closing hymn. He had the funniest smirk on his face, and I knew he wasn't looking for the closing hymn, it was 15 minutes away! So we made it through the meeting,

We got to our dear friends house for brunch, we hold our breath, bide our time until all the little kids were out of ear shot when we both fell down with hysterical tear jerking laughter.

Much to our surprise we are questioned as to what we could be possibly laughing so hard about.
All we could giggle out was Palm.....Sunday..... right away one of my friends gets it and starts laughing with us. His poor wife, we have corrupted her, she still didn't get the joke. We tried to hint at it, saying Palm...Sunday...Get it? Get it? The poor dear she just didn't get it until her husband started swaying his fist in front of him in an up and down motion...which of course caused even more laughter.

She did finally get it, but she didn't think it was quite as funny as everyone else...
She is definitely the grown up of the group.

So will you ever think of Palm Sunday the same? I know I've been corrupted forever!


Lisa W. said...

I think that this is awesome! ;)

thatmoxiegirl said...

Still making my lol the second time! Had to read these to DH.