Monday, February 24, 2014

Surgery imminent.

I can remember from a very young age times I have sat in bed with fevers so high I would hallucinate, the room would spin, and the floor would fall out from under me. I remember reactions from antibiotics that I was allergic to, swim and dive meets that I had to miss, and many play dates spent in bed with a throat so raw and tonsils so swollen I couldn't swallow.

I had the opportunity when I was 7 to have my tonsils removed, my mom passed. For that I thank her every day. The doctor wanted to remove them in office under local anesthetic via the cold steel method. Gratefully she said no. But, because of that I spent a good portion of the rest of my childhood sick with strep throat or some other form of throat infection and suffered from sleep apnea.

I remember my 8th grade school year. I was anxious to start yet another new school. I was so excited to be in a different place, I actually really wanted to be there. I woke that morning for school with tonsils so swollen they gagged me, I could hardly swallow, and talking was essentially out of the question. I got myself ready for school and hopped on the bus. I spent the whole day at school completely miserable. I am sure I infected a good few of my classmates with strep, but I didn't want to miss yet another thing because I was sick.

So here I am, nearly 33 years old, embarking on an operation that should have been ventured more then 20 years ago! I am apprehensive of the pain that will be involved. I am for sure NOT looking forward to the recovery time. I am looking forward to the weight loss benefits. I am 100% looking forward to the relief of throat infections and room in my throat to breathe.

It took some doing and lots of visits to the ENT to get this ball rolling and surgery scheduled. He drug his feet, ordered a slew of tests, and finally scheduled surgery. On 2/27, Thursday morning I'll be rid of these infection harboring lumps of uselessness in my throat. I will also be enduring a turbinate reduction at the same time. These two procedures should allow for better airways and a significant reduction of symptoms and a road to easier breathing, less need for antibiotics, and a better quality of life for me.

I will see if I feel so grateful for the surgery on Friday or Saturday =o)

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