Saturday, April 06, 2013

General Conference and making the boy blog

I love getting to hear the general authorities  speak. I love that we have opportunity to listen to the prophet and apostles speak to us, delivering messages to use for us in our time. So we listen/watch at home. I love that I can listen, ponder while I take notes, write etc.  I am grateful for my Heavenly Father, for the messages from our church leaders, and for the blessings brought to my life because of it.

In other news, I make the oldest boy design a blog template. He's been reading a CSS book that his Dad gave him. I am having him use that information and design a blog template and write on a blog.

He's irritated that I am making him work on something towards a specific goal. He is so smart but direction following is sometimes hard for him. This has proven to be quite interesting in the teaching aspects. He gets frustrated it wrong that I giggle because he's so frustrated?

Once he has something decent I will post an address so you can follow his progress if you'd like.

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