Monday, October 25, 2010

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Just a little retrospect here, I have in the past year been in 2 car accidents. Ansel was 3wks old when we got into one, had to replace a carseat, but it did it's job and protected my little man. We just had our second this year on Saturday. A whole chain of events happened that I am positive is what made our outcome so much better.

Lets start with, we have my niece over for a visit, James was at home with her and Grandma and our friend Fiona. Blessing #1

Ansel's car seat was installed in my friend's car and I was too lazy to move it into one of ours. Blessing #2

I am a car seat Nazi. Blessing #3

I didn't go by myself, Brian came with me. Blessing #4

Brian turned left instead of our normally going straight. Blessing #5

So many more..but lets begin the recreation of events.

Friday night, I went to a lovely conference for Women. It was inspirint and a much needed affirmation for me that I AM a good mother, and I DO do a great job with that duty.

Saturday the conference continued, my friend was with me, and we used my van to car pool. So she left her beastly tank of an SUV for Brian to drive. I had installed Ansel's carseat, and put the high back booster in the car for Madilyne and moved over James' booster as well.
Time Out For Women was fantastic, very inspirational and uplifting. We got home and I realized I didn't have enough chicken nuggets to feed everyone so I was going to go pick something up at the store to make dinner. I normally would have gone by myself or taken a baby with me somethin like that. I felt impressed to have Brian go with me, so I asked him to come and off we went. I thought about moving the carseats into our little cobalt, but alas I was too lazy to do so. I figured it was a 10 minute trip so I would move them later. We were across the street from the store, stopped at a stop sign, we saw that it was clear, to get to the store we had to cross a 4 lane hwy, once it was clear we went, made it past two lanes of traffic, Brian instead of going straight as he normally would have, he turned left. Out of no where, a black ford explorer emerged and smacked our front end, he bounced off and smacked us again. There were no skid marks, his car was so badly damaged he couldn't get the driver side door open. But the other driver was ok, Brian was ok, the car we were in barely looks like anything happened to it.

Madilyne, Ansel, and I went to the hospital to get checked out. Ansel was fine just scared, Madilyne bruised her shoulder bone, but nothing major. No broken bones, no lacerations, so that was good. I have a concussion, whip lash, and bruising to my upper chest area and back.

Had we gone about this the way we normally would have, I doubt we would have fared so well. That Explorer vs my little cobalt, explorer would have totally won. We had Fiona with us so we were able to leave Carly and James, making two less kids with us.I had installed the car seats the morning before and because I'm such a car seat nazi, they were installed correctly. Because my children were properly restrained they suffered minimal injuries. Had Brian gone straight, the impact would have been right into my door, and who knows what would have happened to me then.

All these blessings add up to an event that could have been completely different. Yes we crashed a car that wasn't ours, Yes we don't have the money to buy new car seats and wait for reimbursement, yes we don't have the money to pay the deductible, but YES my kids are alive, YES Brian and I are alive, YES we were protected by a guiding force that I can only explain as God and his Angels.

Life is good!

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