Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Wednesdays...I am not sure if I like em or hate em...

So here it is Wednesday again, On one hand I love it, that means only two more work days and I get snuggle time with my kiddos. But in the grand scheme of things, each Wednesday that passes so goes another week that I feel like I've missed out on in my families lives.

It's indeed a dreadful thing when all one wishes to do is be home and change diapers, wash bottles, wipe noses, help with homework, and cook dinner and just be Mom and my poor fantastical other half wants to go to work, make money and be Dad and we can't. Brian has to do what I want to do, and I have to do what he wants to do. All for the sake of staying afloat. Which I am indeed greatful for my job and do find it a blessing, but I do so wish the roles could be reversed. I wish it were me that didn't have the full time job and Brian did, not only because I want to be at home, but I want Brian to be happy and feel like he's supporting his family and doing his part.

Though I will say he does make a very good Mr. Mom...he folds laundry and puts it away...I only ever washed it. I did put the babies clothes away. I guess because they were small...I don't know.I do know I HATE folding laundry.

Our trip to see Kahaolani baptized is coming up, I'm excited for that. I've not seen my brother in over 10 years. His oldest was 2! I've never met the other three and he's never met Brian or any of my kids. It's much needed and will be hopefully a great stress reliever.The kids don't know we are going and they won't know until we leave that night, they are even going to school that day =o)

Holly is due with her littlest one here any day, Brittany and Amberli will be getting baptized sometime in May I is changing all around...I wonder what other changes will come

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