Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Bloggin that never was....

Ok, so since starting work I've just felt plain tired! Working, cooking, taking care of the kids, I don't do much cleaning, Brian is a huge help. But I mean geeze where does all the time go!

The kids are doing just fabulous. Madilyne had her tonsils out in Nov. since then she has gained weight and currently is above 25lbs! James is doing fantastic in school, getting smarter every day. (like I really need that ha!)

I feel detached from my friends, from my life, and most of all from my family. We are still hoping for another little humlett not sure when or if that will happen.

We are moving in March to a beautiful house a little further up the freeway, but it's a ranch style 4br house with a two car garage, that in it'self is fantastic. We have a yard and are getting a puppy!

I don't know who is more excited about the puppy, me or the kids..hehe. We are getting a beagle puppy soo can't wait.

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Lisa said...

you updated!!!!!
Awww a puppy. Beagles are cute. Thats great on the weight that madilyne has put on. I think Matthew's 35#, not sure.