Thursday, April 27, 2006

Day 5 and we're still alive

Well James is still doing good. He seems to have been in more pain the past two days then he has the whole time. But overall he's still good.

I am in shock, Brian's parents forgot to call him on his birthday. They called yesterday and said they had forgotton and by the time they remembered it was his birthday it was too late to call. Um that's bad. They didn't call on my birthday either. oh well ...

I am so excited for our trip to come, I am soooo ready for vacation and super excited about meeting all my friends from cyber land =o)

and Since I didn't post any pictures from easter here...This is what our easter was like...

A very new thing for us, we usualy have extended family to visit with but not this year. it was just us.

The kids and I colored eggs the night before and Brian hid them outside after church. Madilyne was sooo happy to get to pick up "balls" she'd run to one say"oh, ball!" pick it up plunk it in her bucket and then look for more...was super cute. And then when we cut James off from picking up any more he was super cute helping her find the eggs.!

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Lisa said...

cute pictures..... sounds like my parents. my dad will only call for thomas' birthday (ticks ben off) and my mom is to dingy to remember anyones birthday. Have fun at the GTG!!