Sunday, July 24, 2005

Tybee Island GA

We made it to the coast line while we were in savannah as well. We very rarely get a chance to see the ocean, Madilyne hated it...I think it was the sound of the waves she didn't like. James we couldn't keep out of it. We only stayed for about 30 minutes as it was hot in the car and Grandma Briggs couldn't walk to the ocean front. It is nothing like the west coast beaches where you park and there you are, you have to walk at least 50 yards to get to the sand, and then another 10 yards or so to the shore line. It was low tide when we were there, and there was this interesting little bar of little shells just sitting there, it looked like rocks from standing up but when you got close you could see it was a bunch of little shells.

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Layla & Michael said...

Awesome picture!